Network Rail - Station


About Network Rail invited proposals to “challenge and re-imagine what a ‘station’ could become in the 21st century as the interface between the community and the railway. The design competition focused on solutions for more than 2100 small and medium-sized stations across the UK.


Rather than start with the traditional design first then look at how we create it we have started by looking at techniques and methods of mass manufacture found in diverse areas such as shipbuilding and component manufacture that could create cost effective and elegant solutions for the future station whilst meeting the wide variety of requirements for the design and fabrication of the station. We have looked at methods and approaches that can create elegant solutions to modular structures without them appearing to be too modular. We have incorporated a great deal of thinking found within Retail environment design which is accustomed to creating multiple coherent environments that need to be scaled and delivered across varying sites of design and complexity and mass manufacturing methods and techniques not normally associated with traditional building design. We have created a solution that can continue to evolve, maintain a design language and structures that could survive for 50 years. We believe the answers to the future railway station design lie in this approach.

Type Transportation
Size 150 - 400m2
Client - Network rail
Location United Kingdom
Status Idea
Role: Creative Director
Agency: SWF