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KOC Area 1 & 2 Origins & Discovery
KOC Area 3 Viewing Gallery
KOC Area 4 - Extraction to Refining
KOC Area 5 - Fueling our world
KOC Area 6 - Meet the Experts
KOC Area 7 - Heros of Fire
KOC Area 8 - Future of Oil
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Kuwait Oil Company


The New KOC Display Centre in Al Ahmadi  opened in 2017. A unique interactive visitor experience – enabling people to live the history and culture of Kuwait’s oil sector through a series of leading-edge exhibitions. The 1,750 sq.m museum, which conveys the meaning of oil and gas through key players from the sector. The ‘Interactive Spine’ will enable visitors to meet experts from the industry and learn what it is to be like them through use of multi-media interfaces. Visitors will receive an RFID ‘tag’ which personalises the experience to them – giving the impression of communicating with a real-life geoscientist, health & safety manager, control centre engineer, tanker pilot and firefighter in real-time.

Visitor interaction is delivered across the four floors through use of selected artefacts which tell different stories about the history of oil. The Heroes of Fire multimedia theatre includes a 180º film projection and four metre-high spouts of real flame and smoke to convey the devastation caused by the 1991 oil fires whilst memorabilia from the war with Iraq highlights the central role of oil during that period.

Type Exhibition Design
Year        Opened 2015
Location Kuwait
Client      Kuwait Oil Company
Agency   Event Communications
Role        Lead Designer
Value      £15m