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Johnnie Walker Blue Label


The Challenge - Its about the Rare craft, rare casks and rare character that goes into every bottle of blue lable. Create an architecture that repositions the Blue Label.

The Response - Its about the detail, Its about the craft, its about the skill that goes into creating the finest blends for rarest of the John Walker & Sons Collection. Communicating these themes, We took traditional techniques of marquetry and cabinet making to create the brand architecture for John Walker & Sons. And created a level of installation not normally associated with aluxury Liquor Brand. Every aspect of the design from the quilted leather front to the curved rosewood dome to the illuminated inlays was detailed to the enth degree. Even the use of fibre optic museum grade lamps to ensure the product was not effected in any way was considered. “Quite simply its beautiful.”

Role: Lead Designer
Agency: Portland