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19_Gateway v3_Flatter Relief
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Greenwich Peninsula

Concept Treatments

The Challenge: To create distinctive gateways that serve as icons and aid navigation to visitors and marks their entrance to the whole Greenwich peninsula

Insight: The differing ways a visitor could enter the greenwich peninsula was about as different as they could get, visitors can enter by river, by road by train and even by air! We wanted to create gateways that both had their own character and avoid the to avoid the temptation of making them look the same. We wanted to create gateways that reflected the way you accessed the peninsula, and that which would serve as way markers and that would aid a visitors navigation around the peninsula

Result: A fantastic exploration of ideas for bnt1sh land including exploring animating the gateways to add life to them This concept exploration of possibilities of what could be created to enhance the Greenwich Peninsula.

Role: Lead Designer
Agency: Identity Design