Facebook Communities Summit

Live Events

Facebook develop some of the most sophisticated products. In order to build a roadmap for the future they need to bring the actual users and engineers together to enable them both to under There is only one problem. The users are often not professional users, but they have the most valuable user experiences to share. Networking is hard therefor we decided to make it a simple as possible for visitors to meet and with the FB engineers and have a conversation. Every touchpoint within the centre was designed to be playful and stimulate a conversation and create a shared experience from suspended installations that made you look up and see how small you were to the model world that enabled you to look down and see a miniature community, through to the menus which were designed to be folded up into origami forms and to ensure people feel part of a collective. Everything was designed to bring people together.

Client: Facebook
Role: Creative Director
Quintessentially The Agency