“The fact that people no longer treat cosmetics as a luxury purchase, and that they are considered a necessity to most people, we have to redefine luxury and the experience of luxury”. Quite simply, cosmetics are now taken for granted and consumers are becoming bored with mainstream brands and turning more to niche brands. More and more they want a unique experience, that not everyone can have.


Ritual beauty was a incite concept project carried out for L’Oreal in 2004 to explore this area for the Helena Rubinstein Brand. Helena Rubinstein quite simply is a mature brand with a decreasing customer base, mostly because they are dying off and that it no longer reflects to new consumers what it did to its existing consumers. Gimmicks and rebrands only keep brands going for so long, what is required is a significant step change to break away from the ‘coat-tailers’ and strike new ground.

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