Brief: To reinvigorate the travel packaging for Biotherm UK. To develop an innovative unisex concept that has the ability to promote the brand even when it’s not in use. To promote the product range in relation to the travel market, and to introduce consumers to the brand and its unique products.


Insight: All previous travel packaging was based around simple card packages with a wash bag product inside with a collection of Biotherm products. It was decided to try a different approach. The aim was to create a series of product groups that took the guesswork out what products matched what skin types with what type of holiday the consumer was going on. With such a large range of Biotherm products it was making it too complex for consumers to choose what to take, as such this was proving to be a turnoff. The aim was to create a series of packs that people could choose in relation to their holiday & skin type. i.e. beech holiday & dry skin. The Packaging had to accommodate up to 4 travel size products and to be compact to avoid taking up too much space. At the same time as the Biotherm range of products is geared around skin types so it leant itself well to this type of concept.


Result: The principle aim was to create a travel pack that could be reused, partly for environmental reasons but primarily to become an icon for the Biotherm Brand. Also the consumer could keep purchasing travel-sized products to refill the capsule. The principle concept was to create a generic package that could be distinguished by the shape & colour. The final ‘pill’ concept was based around the rounded design style employed by Biotherm. This ‘pill’ concept was decided on as it allowed for a compact shape and could house the 4 products required for a travel pack and could fit in a wash flannel. The sticker label was produced to act as a seal to the pack and was based around the flight labels used on luggage to re-enforce to notion of this being a travel product.


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