I'm a


sketcher.inventor.dreamer.programmer.writer.gamer. photographer.thinker.teller of amusing anecdotes.fine omelette chef.inventor of the word szchuzzy.


I'm lucky, I found the thing I loved to do early in life. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a designer, its a cool job. I started out professionally as a Industrial designer specialising in product design and continuously evolved to take in designing everything from small mass market products such as video sunglasses (Immortal) to very large multi category retail spaces such as Larnaca International Airport’s Retail Concourse...quite simply I love designing and have an endless list of things I want to design. I’ve lived and worked in Europe &The Middle East and been fortunate to travel extensively in relation to my job.


I'm a hands on strategic designer and creative with 15 years experience working with high profile brands, developing ideas, concepts and designs for Brand Environments, Interiors and products. Adept at dealing with complex ideas and their execution within constrained time lines. Experienced at managing design teams, client relationships and their expectations of projects. Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills. Excellent knowledge and understanding of implementing advanced technology within Brand Environments and their impact on projects, gained through experience within the development of visitor attractions & museum environments. Proven track record of delivering projects within budget and on time under pressure. Experience gained from a wide range of disciplines within the field of design from products to exhibitions, museums to retail.


I don’t believe in standing still or churning out work...repetition is the hiding place of the unimaginative. I’ve gained a lot of experience from a wide range of disciplines within the field of design from product to exhibitions, museums to retail. For clients based in Europe, North America, Asia and The Middle East. I work with agency’s and direct with clients it really depends how big the project is.


Passionate about Design, Photography , Learning and Snowboarding.


Areas of Expertise:


Brand Experiences , Exhibition Design & Live Events.

Brand Environments & Retail Spaces.

Leading Design Teams & Design Management.


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